Hi-Tronics Stereo Repair Service Center specializes in:vintage stereo repair ottawa

  • Home stereo repairs including amps, receivers, stereo, CD players, DVD, tape decks, Blu-RAYs, shelf systems and turntables
  • Speaker repairs including wifi-speakers, woofer refoaming, re-coiling and refoaming services.
  • We also sell re-conditioned stereo components and those hard to find items such as turntable belts, phono cartridges, and needles
  • We sell vacuum tubes and can order almost any tube for your stereo!

  • SMALL DEVICE : $40
  • MAJOR DEVICE : $60
  • HI-END DEVICE : $80
  • Professional Vintage Stereo Repairs

    Personal Repair Services

    Affordable Stereo Repair Prices

    Contact us by phone: 613-725-1157 or email.


    Sometimes you don’t need to buy new electronic equipment,  or you love what you have! You’ve got a great TV, receiver or set of speakers, that up until recently, was working perfectly well for you, but something happened, and now you need some help bringing it back to life. In addition to vintage stereo repairs we also repair, restore and refurbish:


    • Plasma/LCD/LED TVs
    • DVD/Blu-ray players
    • Portable DVD players
    • DVD/HDD recorders
    • HD Projectors
    • HDD recorders
    • VHS VCRs
    • LCD/DLP projectors
    • Beta VCR
    • Mixers
    • Cable repairs
    • Tuners
    • Mini hi-fi systems
    • Home theater systems
    • AV receivers
    • Hi-fi amplifiers
    • Subwoofers
    • Mixers
    • CD players
    • MP3 players
    • Linear Amplifiers
    • Stereos
    • Radios
    • Turntables
    • Tube amps
    • Record Players
    • iPod docking stations
    • Guitar effects pedals
    • Karaoke entertainment systems
    • Speaker repair
    • Toys
    • Remote controls

    Our additional electronic repair services include (please review the Contact Us page for a map and contact form)

    • 90-day warranty with all serviced products
    • Nation-wide mail orders
    • CCD / Optical Sensor Cleaning
    • Dubbing to DVDs of VHS, VHS-C, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV and HDD
    • We rebuild and sell replacement speakers

    We rework, restore & repair almost all types of electronics from home &amp to pro audio and speakers.