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Axiom Speaker Company M80 v3 Floorstanding Speakers

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Axiom Speaker Company M80 v3 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

* In good Condition. This product isĀ FULLY RESTORED BY HI-Tronics.
* Quality Sound is Very Good.
* The ultimate “audiophile” loudspeaker for any musical and home-theater performance. Capable of withstanding absurd amounts of power, your investment will yield years of unparalleled enjoyment. Triple vortex-ported bass reflex enclosure. Gold-plated signal posts. Dual 1″ titanium tweeters, dual 5.25″ aluminum midwoofers, dual 6.5″ aluminum woofers. Measures 39.5″ high x 9.25″ wide x 17″ deep. Anti-standing-wave shaped cabinet. Beautifully finished in Black Oak or Boston Cherry, or over 100 custom finishes available in Axiom’s Customize Yours store.


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