Product Description

The Original 148 GTL is back and better than ever! Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector for convenient in-dash installation, 9-Feet microphone cord for easy reach anywhere within the cab and tactile controls for added convenience and safety when adjusting functions. Features: 40 AM and 80 SSB Channels, 4 Watts AM, 12 Watts SSB, SWR Calibration, 9-Feet Microphone Cord, Tone Control, Adjustable Dynamike Boost, Tactile Controls.
CB (Citizens Band) Radios are still popular today and inexpensive to buy and free to operate! They have much better range than FRS radios.
CB radios are great for hunters and hunt camps in the Ottawa area.
It is an excellent two way radio option for range within the Ottawa-Gatineau region.
We perform custom mods, modern and vintage cb radio repairs, and full peak and tune alignments.