Product Description

This projector is Fully Restored by Hi-Tronics and still in Excellent Condition as brand new one. Completely checked before putting for sale.
Warranty for this item is up to 4 months.

The DLA-HD1 brings Full HD to your home with a groundbreaking 15,000:1 native contrast ratio. The “native” means that it does not rely on an iris mechanism to maximize contrast depending on the average brightness of one scene. This technical slight of hand employed on other projectors, effectively changes overall luminosity, so that blacks are slightly bleached in bright scenes, while light colors appear duller in dark scenes. There is neither an iris mechanism nor a compromise in the DLA-HD1 projector. D-ILA is a mature technology, perfected by JVC, which can reproduce the brightest, most vivid colors simultaneously with the subtlest shadows, down to the deepest, truest blacks. Only D-ILA can reproduce in full the rich image information contained in a high definition source, be it broadcast or optical disk.

True 1080p 2 Million Pixel Structure 0.7″ 3-Chip D-ILA System (1920×1080)
· Total Resolution: 6,220,800 Pixels
· 16:9 Aspect Ratio
· 2.0x Zoom Lens with Throw Ratio (1.4:1 – 2.8:1)
· Throw Distance: 5.90 ft. to 40.02 ft. (1.8 m to 12.2 m)