Product Description

The Blu-ray receiver unit is a slim, slinky piece of kit, blessed with a forward curving front section that houses the display panel and a row of touch-sensitive controls. It’s also remarkably deep at 320mm, but those things aside it’s absolutely gorgeous and is enhanced by a brushed black top panel and a white light on the front. Build quality is also unusually solid, getting the system off to a very good start indeed.
A USB port is found on the bottom right hand side, and on the rear panel, connections are generous, with two HDMI v1.4 inputs to channel your other hi-def kit and one ARC-compatible output. There are also two digital audio inputs (one optical, one coaxial), analogue stereo input and composite video output. An Ethernet port, second USB port, FM aerial input and socket for the auto calibration mic complete the line-up.