Beautiful CD Player !!!

This product has been completely checked and tested by Hi-Tronics Technicians for many times before putting for sale.
In very good Condition, few minor scratches ( see photo attached ). I would like to say that it produced a very fluid “vinyl” feeling to the sound that I immensely enjoyed. The Apollo also can play Redbook cd’s, CD-R, MP3’s and even WMA files. Its new remote even has specific keys which are dedicated for MP3 playback. It uses a three-point mounting ball chuck instead of a magnetic puck that is designed to help improve reading of the Cd by keeping it as flat as possible
Comes with Original Remote Control and Box.


Laser : Semiconductor Laser
Wavelength: 780nm
Line Output Maximum Level: 2V-(load impedance minimum10k-ohm)
Digital Output Maximum Level: 0.5V (load impedance 75-ohm)
Digital Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Mains Voltages: 230V (minimum190V maximum 250V) @50/60Hz
115V (minimum 95V maximum 125V) @50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2W
Dimensions: 435(mm)Wx100(mm)Hx270(mm)D
Required Space for Operation: 435W(mm)x180(mm)Hx315(mm)D Weight: Eight pounds
Mains Fuses: 230V @250mA
115V @500mA
CDP Remote Batteries: AAA (1.5) x 2