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Musical Fidelity M3CD Single-disc CD player (Silver)


Musical Fidelity M3CD Single-disc CD player (Silver)

$1,160.00 $999.00

Jitter: <135 picoseconds peak to peak Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20 kHz -0.2dB max. Signal to Noise Ratio: >117dB
THD(+ noise): <0.003% 10Hz to 20 kHz Linearity: <0.1dB down to -96dB Channel Separation: 105dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz Hardware DAC: 24-bit Delta-Sigma (bit stream) dual differential 8x over-sampling Outputs 1x line level RCA 1x RCA coaxial connector (Digital SPDIF) 1x Toslink optical connector (Digital SPDIF)


Product Description

Has been complete checked by Hi-Tronics Technicians before putting for sale,
Everything inside is still Original, in Mint shine condition and works perfectly, functions and button are still good.
Warranty is up to 90 days for any defected problem.
Comes with Original Remote Control and Box

The M3CD's handsome, minimalist-style chassis is solidly built and beautifully finished. Its thick, extruded aluminum faceplate and heavy-gauge steel casework provide a strong frame to help eliminate vibrations that can adversely affect sound quality. Inside, a unique high-tech digital stream noise filter prevents digital noise from robbing your music of its sparkle and presence. Musical Fidelity also incorporated a filter-choke regulated power supply on the player's main power input. This filters out unwanted noise from the AC line and feeds the M3CD's five separate supply units, allowing them to work properly regardless of voltage irregularities. All of these careful steps add up to highly involving sound that reaches out to grab you from a dead-silent background.


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