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Shure M97xE

Shure M97xE


Extremely Accurate Reproduction
Dynamic Stabilizer
Side-Guard Stylus Protection
Aluminum Mounting Block
Includes Headshell Screwdriver
Includes Stylus Cleaning Brush
Includes Mounting Hardware


Product Description

The M97xE is a superb smooth-sounding phonograph cartridge designed to provide long hours of undistorted listening, without fatiguing the ear. It’s highly precise tracking ability and flat frequency response a made possible by Shure’s unique Type II low-mass thin-wall aluminum alloy stylus cantilever, combined with a precision-crafted, fine polished, elliptical diamond tip

This cartridge is able to accurately reproduce very difficult musical passages, particularly in the high-frequency range, where audio modulations are the smallest and most concentrated, and stylus tip movement is consequently the most rapid.


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