You want the best care for your speakers. We have been providing expert speaker repair for over 20 years. We offer fast, professional speaker repair and restoration service for less, a lot less than buying new.

We also build custom audio inter-connects from silver-teflon wire and build custom speaker cables and speaker wiring for home audio and pro audio application.

Hi-Tronics Ottawa can provide re-coning, re-foaming and re-coiling speakers, subwoofers, compression drivers tweeters, midrange, and various other speaker types.

Modern & Vintage Replacement Speakers & Subwoofer Repair

Speaker Repair Parts and Service – Replacement Speakers Canada

Hi-Tronics Ottawa caters to clients in the national capital region, Ottawa and surrounding areas and throughout the world seeking speaker repair parts and speaker repair needs of all sizes, uses and manufacturers. Our expert team is equipped to repair, recone, refoam, or re-design speaker subwoofer and woofers, speakers used in home theater systems and audio speakers. We sell diaphragms, recone parts, cones, horns, drivers, and electronic parts for JBL, Electro Voice, Polk, Kef, Infinity, McIntosh, Harmon Kardon, Cerwin Vega, KRK, Peavey, QSC, Marantz, Paradigm, B&W, B&O, Tannoy and many more.


Since 1985, Hi-Tronics Speaker Repair Company established itself with a niche for fixing speakers and subwoofers. Hi-Tronics is located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and positions itself to address any and all inquiries regarding speaker repairs and speaker parts and any speaker servicing or purchasing needs.

Please contact us 613-725-1157 or email!


We offer replacement speakers for car audio and stock replacement speakers!

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