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We are primarily focused on providing professional electronic repair services. We are factory authorized for over 40 brands! Whatever the problem, we can fix it - Tube Amps, Stereos, Amplifiers, Mixers, Turntables, Speakers, DVD, Blu-Ray, VCR, Camcorders, PRO AUDIO, Vintage electronics, Big Screens, HDTV, Plasma, LCD, Flat Panel, or traditional TVs. Our Television Repair technician will honestly diagnose and repair your set with fast, reliable service. Simply bring your set to our shop or we can pickup your set if needed.


Call 613-725-1157 for TV repair service in Ottawa

Our Services

Drop-Off Repair

Our store hours are 10am – 6:00pm Monday – Friday, and Saturdays 10-2pm. Save the cost of a service call by bringing your product in for service any time during normal business hours. We will carry your television set from your vehicle inside our store for a thorough inspection. See our map.

Pick Up & Delivery

We can have your item(s) picked up from your location (home or business) for service inside our service center. This will allow faster service when parts become available. We will make every effort to arrange an appointment that is convenient to you. Contact us to arrange for an appointment!

In-Home Repair

In-Home Service is normally provided between 10am and 6pm. We make every effort to arrange an appointment that is convenient to you. Our technicians are trained to perform your repairs as speedily and efficiently as possible. Call Hi-Tronics at 613-725-1157 to arrange for your appointment.

Replace DLP Lamps

We offer the highest quality, easiest solution when it comes to DLP lamp and projector lamp replacement. Your television may start to experience difficulties or bulb failure after only a year or two of purchase. So if your DLP lamp life has expired, you have come to the right place. You can always call us if you need help troubleshooting.

Hi-Tronics Other Services

We rebuild speakers back to better-than-new specification!


Hi-Tronics is a Ottawa, Ontario based business that caters to clients throughout the world seeking speaker repair needs of all sizes, manufacturers, and genres of time. We are an authorized factory service center for all major brands. We repair home stereo woofers, guitar speakers, PA speakers, studio monitors, car speakers, antique radio speakers, juke box speakers, vintage audio, vintage car and field coil speakers. We recone and refoam specialists. You chose your “perfect speaker”. Now, after years of faithful service, your old friends don’t sound so good. Important decisions need to be made again.

You have three options

  • Scrap what you have and buy a new pair of speakers.
  • Buy exact brand and model replacements for the damaged parts (if available).
  • Have the damaged components repaired.

Our expert team

Our expert team is equipped to repair, recone, refoam, or re-design speaker woofers, diaphragms, cones, horns, drivers, electronic parts for JBL, Electro Voice, Polk, Kef, Infinity, McIntosh, Adam Audio, Cerwin Vega, Tannoy, Peavey, QSC, JL Audio subwoofer repair and many more. Since 1985, our speaker repair company established itself with a niche for fixing speakers when the industry was changing throughout the world. As a global business, Hi-Tronics positions itself to address any and all inquiries regarding speaker repairs and speaker parts and any speaker needs.

Speaker repair services

  • Re-coning Speakers – The term “reconing” describes a process in which not only the cone of the driver is replaced but all of the moving parts except for the metal frame and magnet structure. It’s kind of like having a new engine put into your car except it is much less dependent on other factors. In the case of your car, the chassis may have suffered abuse and rust — not to mention the other systems that the engine is connected to. The speaker frame is protected by the cabinet. Unless the driver has been dropped, it can be reconed.
  • Re-coiling Speakers – We can re-coil damaged subwoofers and speakers. This type damage occurs when the speakers have overheated due to distortion or too much audio signal from the power amplifier. In the worst cases if the power amplifier has failed it can short out the speaker voicecoil.
  • Re-foaming Speakers – A common problem that happens to the most careful of audiophiles is that the foam edge (outer suspension or ring) of most speakers will dry rot. The technical name for this part is an annulus. About ninety percent of all home stereo speakers use this material as a suspension. New “high tech” woofers with polypropylene cones and butyl rubber edges will not suffer these problems but could develop others. This dry rot problem is caused by age and certain other environmental factors.

All work is guaranteed.

Although most speakers have not changed that drastically in technology, Hi-Tronics maintains its education with state of the art occurrences in the speaker repair and manufacturing business. Reconing speakers, which is perhaps the largest portion of speaker repair demand, is facilitated by Hi-Tronics with all the different sizes and manufacturers that are maintained in their vast inventory. Refoaming speakers and crossover repairs as well as speaker amp repairs too.
We offer replacement belts for various audio and video products. Bring in your broken belts for us to measure. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

A variety of replacement belts in stock

  • Turntable Replacement Belts
  • CD Player Replacement Belts
  • DVD & Blu-ray Player Replacement Belts
  • Cassette, VCR and Reel to Reel Replacement Belts
  • Belts for Marantz, Denon, Pioneer, Sony, Yamaha, Harmon/Kardon, Onkyo, Sharp, Panasonic and many more!
It is far better to replace vacuum tubes prior to the end of their service life. Visually inspect your tubes. A tube that is in good working order usually has a clean and clear look to it however even if this is the case the tube may be worn out and not conducting very well. We can test your tubes with your tube tester! Any tube in which the getter (the normally silver coating on the inside of the glass envelope) has turned frost-white has begun to lose vacuum and should be discarded and replaced immediately. The harder you work your tubes, the faster they wear out. Plus, there are a number of other factors that make tubes one of the easiest and least expensive “fixes” for your tube amp.

  1. Tubes are subject to vibration damage. The inside of a combo guitar or bass tube amplifier for example, is a super-abusive environment for tubes because you crank up the volume, create a huge amount of sonic vibration, directly couple the tubes to the chassis of your amp and then stick the chassis inside the speaker cabinet!
  2. When tubes operate, the metal parts on the inside of the tube begin to glow. That means that they are really hot, like molten metal. When metal is heated enough to glow, it gets soft. Excessive vibration can create a situation where the metal becomes fatigued or stressed.
  3. If you are at a gig with your amp, you run it hard and then take it outside and place it in the back of your car while the internal components are still warm and soft, the bouncing around while you are driving can cause damage to the tube.
  4. The reason that it is called a “vacuum tube” is that the air is removed out of the inside of the glass tube envelope when it is manufactured. This creates a “vacuum” inside the tube and this lack of oxygen allows the metal parts to heat up without actually burning. If the tube develops a leak, or the seal is broken air will leak back into the tube and the components could smoke, smolder or burn.
  5. Tubes are inexpensive compared to transformers, speakers, etc…and a lot easier to replace!
  6. When one tube starts to go, it drags the others down with it, decreasing the overall efficiency of the amp, which adversely changes the tone and reduces sustain.

Tube Audio Troubleshooting

Change tubes if your amp experiences any of the following:

  1. Loss of tone, clarity, sustain and harmonic richness.
  2. Poor output-level balance.
  3. Lack of midrange punch and definition.
  4. Rattling, whistling or humming.
  5. Feedback or metallic sound on certain notes
  6. Weak sound and power loss.
  7. To experiment and change amp tone characteristics.
In an audio component using vacuum tubes, the most likely part to cause noise is a tube. However it would be very unlikely that the same exact noise would be coming from both channels at the same time unless two channels share the same tube. If you have the identical noise issue in both channels, the problem is probably not a tube. Assuming it is a single channel issue, the next logical step is to switch the tubes from the good channel to the bad channel and see if the noise follows a tube. Do this with only one pair of tubes at a time and make sure you have identified which tubes you are dealing with in a unit using several tubes or kinds of tube. Pull them straight out (no twisting!) and swap them to the other channel. Connect the amp to the speakers only again and turn it on. Does the noise change channels? If so you found the issue. If it does not change channels you have done all you could, but since electronic parts unfortunately do not have little pop up red flags built into them to pop up and say “replace me” the unit now will need professional servicing.

Setting the bias

The bias setting of a tube amp is like the idle adjustment on a car. Just as with a car, improper settings will cause problems. It is very improtant to make this adjustment every time you change power tubes, and at least every six months between tube changes. Failure to do so will likely damage your amp. McIntosh owners need not worry, as Mcintosh amps (and a few other fixed bias tube amps as well) don’t require manual bias adjustment. Your amplifier may have a built in meter, led’s, or simply a terminal for an external voltmeter. If you do not know how to properly perform this adjustment, find out how, or have it performed by a shop.


CAUTION! This brings us to an important point, do not attempt to work on electronic gear like these older tube pieces unless you are experienced in doing so. Even when switched off and unplugged, tube amps can store lethal energy. Find a good shop with experience in tube hi-fi. Not every electronic technician has an understanding of, or experience with tubes, so ask questions FIRST. Spending a few dollars on good technical help will get you reliable, good-sounding gear that STILL is far cheaper than exotic, newer units.
Guitar Effects Pedal Repair & Restoration

We repair guitar effects pedals and do custom guitar effects pedal mods on the Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss Metal Zone and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi. Several modifications are available and we can custom tailor you something unique. We can increase gain, increase harmonics and tonal character. We can even increase the sustain in these guitar pedals! We also do complete guitar effects pedal restoration of new and vintage guitar effects pedals and rackmount tube and solid-state effects.

We service most laptops, servers, desktop computers! We can often get a computer running faster than when you first purchased it! We offer reinstall, virus scan, malware removal, performance tune-up and data recovery of most makes and models of computers. We can also help you install software or configure it for audio or video intergretion with your home theater system.