One of our technicians happens to be a part-time horticulturalist! There are some great LED lamps on the market which provide plants with excellent PAR energy and as a result enhanced growth rates.

We service all makes and models of LED lights and LED grow lamps. Most of the 2012-2015 chinese made LED lamps are of good build quality however an LED is a device which has many failure modes.


Do LED Lights offer a high life time of 50,000 Hrs as in manufacturer datasheets? There are some factors causing LED lights ending their life in an unexpected way before the actual life-time offered by the manufacturer.


LED grow lamps have a well-deserved reputation for high-efficiency, low heat and high PAR operation, not to mention high reliability. Properly specified and implemented, Grow light LEDs should and do satisfy virtually every lighting application. Still, there are times when actual LED device lifetimes fall short of the specified ideal. LEDs are wide-bandgap semiconductor devices. As a result, they have far more complex and varied failure modes than other forms of lighting such as incandescent bulbs, where the failure is fairly simple (the bulb produces light until the tungsten filament breaks), with an LED, the failure modes range from mechanical and electrical to material.


Light Emitting Diodes have two primary classes of failure: gradual and catastrophic.


LED grow lights run hot and in a humid area and driving an LED excessively hot can introduce defects that ultimately compromise output and lifetime.


LEDs must be powered from a DC source that limits the current flowing through them. This is in contrast to incandescent lamps that will operate from AC or DC and which generally require no separate current limiting, or fluorescent lamps that operate from AC only but which do require current limiting (i.e. ballast).


If LEDs are powered via a LED Driver or LED Power Supply that supplies incorrect current and/or incorrect voltage several outcomes are possible. If the current and/or voltage is too low the LEDs will appear too dim, or fail to light at all. If the current and/or voltage is too high the LEDs could either age prematurely (in the case of minor overdrive) or fail catastrophically (in the case of major overdrive) with all scenarios in between being possible.


LED will fail and when they do we can repair or sell you replacement LED for your grow light.


Please email us or call: 613.725.1157 if you need your LED grow light repaired. We can also improve many LED grow lights with high specification LED and power supply upgrades.


We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We welcome business from the internet. You are free to mail your LED grow lamp in for repair. Our shipping address is on the contact us page.