LED Grow Lights Repair and LED / Power Supply Replacement

We service all makes and models of LED grow lights and offer upgraded replacement power supplies, LED choices for optimal plant growth and professional installation.


If you are most many people who purchased LED grow lamps on eBay or even from China. You will find out that eventually the LED or power supply will fail due to improper choice of electronic components. The poor choices are prone to failure and will even fail under warrenty. The problem most of our customers have is that the companies who sell you these LED grow lights charge you for shipping to send it in. Some of these lights will cost a fortune to ship back to China. We service LED grow lights here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada as a factory authorized electronics service center for many brands.


If you live out of town or in the United States you can always ship your LED grow lamp into us and we can complete the repairs for you much cheaper than sending it overseas. We can also perform many upgrades that will ensure longer more productive service time. The nature of LED grow lights is that many have major problems with the poor choice of electronics in the power supply and we can offer much more robust and improve the overall performance of the LED grow lamp.


We also repair LED TV and LED flashlights. We repair most things with LED! We can source best price for almost any shape and size of LED light replacement bulb.


Please contact us or call: 613-725-1157