If your DVD or Blu Ray player is still covered by the warranty the company that makes your player should cover the costs. We repair all makes and models of DVD, DVR, CD players and recorders.  Please call us 613-725-1157.

DVD or Blu-ray not reading or failing to read the disc properly:

  • Displays ‘No Disc’ error message
  • Drawer sticking (not opening/ closing)
  • Home cinama system audio problems – no sound output or poor sound quality

If you’re unable to fix the cause yourself, we’re able to pin point more serious problems and get your equipment working as it should be.


All repairs are carried out at our service centre conveniently located in Little Italy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. You can view the map of our location and address here.


Sometimes you don’t need to buy new electronic equipment,  or you love what you have! You’ve got a great TV or set of speakers, that up until recently, was working perfectly well for you, but something happened, and now you need some help bringing it back to life. In addition to DVD, CD, DVR &  Blu-Ray player repairs we also repair, restore and refurbish:


  • Plasma/LCD/LED TVs
  • DVD/Blu-ray players
  • Portable DVD players
  • DVD/HDD recorders
  • HD Projectors
  • HDD recorders
  • VHS VCRs
  • LCD/DLP projectors
  • PC monitors
  • Beta VCR
  • CB Radio
  • Mixers
  • Cable repairs
  • Tuners
  • Mini hi-fi systems
  • Home theater systems
  • AV receivers
  • Hi-fi amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • PA systems
  • Mixers
  • CD players
  • MP3 players
  • Car amplifiers
  • Linear Amplifiers
  • Stereos
  • Microwave ovens
  • Radios
  • Turntables
  • Tube amps
  • Record Players
  • iPod docking stations
  • Guitar effects pedals
  • Karaoke entertainment systems
  • Speaker repair
  • Headphones
  • Keyboards
  • Toys
  • Computer repairs
  • Remote controls

Our additional electronic repair services include (please review the Contact Us page for a map and contact form)

  • 90-day warranty with all serviced products
  • Nation-wide mail orders
  • 24-hour service turnaround
  • CCD / Optical Sensor Cleaning
  • In-home tuning of TVs, DVDs, set top boxes and home theater systems
  • Dubbing to DVDs of VHS, VHS-C, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV and HDD
  • Memory card retrievals for accidentally deleted content
  • We rebuild and sell replacement speakers and headphones!